• Material and process traceability with redundant offsite back up of paperless records.
  • Full off-site backup of critical business and customer records.
  • Fully equipped QA Department with state of the art CMM’s, for key characteristics/part features.
  • Complex machined parts with hundreds of features.
  • Tolerances in Tenths .0001
  • A data-driven company used to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • To ensure the highest quality standards, we employ the latest equipment available within our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Every workstation contains the tools necessary to verify process integrity and is staffed with our expertly-trained personnel.
  • Quality policy: PMD strives to exceed our customers’ expectations through; Superior product quality, Operational excellence, Outstanding customer service, Continual business improvement


PMD is dedicated to the pursuit of operational excellence.  We operate with a culture of continuous improvement and eliminating waste.  Implementation of lean concepts including 5S, kaizen events, value stream mapping, flow and linkage resulted in significant improvements in facility, utilization and lead time reductions.

PMD partners with our customers, striving to eliminate waste and generate cost savings.